Full Body to Body Massage Spa in Allahabad by Female to Male

Female to Male Full Body to Body Massage Spa Parlour in Allahabad, civil lines allahabad. We are Giving You in best spa deals and multiple reasonable packages in Allahabad

Body Massage in Allahabad

Body massage Spa in Allahabad

Full Body to body Massage in Allahabad price by Female to Male. Naina body spa, located in Civil lines Allahabad offers full body massage Spa in Allahabad. The massage parlor offers relaxing and refreshing services to the customers along with the beautiful and trained therapists. Located near to the metro station the place can be easily located and attracts wide range of consumers. The cost effective therapies at Naina body spa also involves therapies that will help you to reduce stress and take a break from daily activities.
Full body massage in Allahabad is most commonly used to reduce pain and distress with the therapies that will give you a revitalizing life once again. The massage rooms are enlightened with soft music and dim lights that will help you to forget every problem of your life altogether. The peaceful ambiance created inside the massage parlor gives you ultimate pleasure.
The body massager in Allahabad offers various massages with the oils that contains naturally extracted sesame, almonds and olives, sunflower, grape and seed oil. These oils not only induce freshness in the body but also help improve blood circulation in the body.
Whatever massage the customer opt for, a Swedish massage or deep tissue massage, most massages at Naina body spa are full-body massages. For the problem area in the body that needs special attention, the therapists are always ready to spend more time on the problem area. We accommodate every request by spending less time on areas like the legs or arms, which might just get a quick sweep and more time on the painful organs.
Services offered Foot Reflexology- the newly introduced foot massage help you to forget all your leg pains and gives you the desired comfort. The relaxing foot massage is also followed by the foot massage that will make your feet look more beautiful than ever.
Body massage- the parlor is known to be the best body massager in Allahabad. The massage provided here relieves headaches, distress, hypertension, asthma, hairfall, dandruff and cerebral pain. This body to body massage in Allahabad not only improves blood circulation but also discharges poisonous substances from the body. The full body massage lasts for one hour and costs only Rs. 1000 Female to Male body Massage in Allahabad
The Naina body spa also offers female to male body massage in Allahabad, wherein we provide massage by females to the male customer on the willingness of the customer. It is always noticed that the massage by the opposite gender activated various glands that otherwise are not put to work by the body. Such massages are given by various herbs, oils and grains that are naturally extracted. Such type of full body massage in Allahabad are prescribed for removing wrinkles and dry skin; maturing and refreshed skins.
Body spa- body massager in Allahabad also offers full body spa that includes the facility of steam bath after the massage with hot oil. This steam is prepared with detoxifying herbs that helps in curing joint pains, muscle ailments, asthma, cold, hypertension and stiffness in the body. The regular spa will indeed contribute towards weight loss.
Luxurious full body massage- this massage treats depression, migraine, neurological breakdowns and uneasiness. The treatment is offered in suite rooms that are fully air- conditioned and are accompanied with attached bathrooms.
Body scrub- this is another specialty of Naina body spa wherein various naturally extracted substances are used by the therapists to bring back the body glow of the customers. This also helps in removing the dead skin from the body. The body scrub lasts for 30 minutes and costs only Rs. 800
Deep Tissue Massage- this special massage cures the ailments deep inside the body tissues with the help of hot oils. The therapy lasts for 45 minutes and costs rs. 1500 only. Our therapists also provide door step services for various female to male body massage in Allahabad.
Satisfying the customers is our priority and this is the reason why our therapists are working with full dedication. Though we offer female to male body massage in Allahabad, we do not allow any such activities that can ever hamper the image of our spa and therapists. Apart from already mentioned services, we also keep our focus towards skin care treatment, spa beauty treatment, summer and winter body massage, and massage for people in different age groups. Body scrub, body wraps and body polish are other niche services offered here.
Ladies who are pregnant, suffering from back pains need not worry as our therapists are even trained for such customers as well. For doubt we also have couple massage rooms that helps the customers to be satisfied throughout the massage procedure.
Our young and beautiful therapists know the target points very well. They do not take much time in helping the customers from forgetting the anxiety that they were facing before entering the massage parlor. Along with the quality oils, we at Naina body spa offer quality clay for the body scrub. Body glow is achieved by the body scrub making the skin hydrated, smooth and soft. The scrub clays include salt, coffee granules, rice bran and massage oils.
Benefits of full body massage • It helps control the blood pressure
• Enhance the functioning of immune system
• Stimulates the lymphatic system protecting the body
• Removes dead skin cells from over the entire body
• Increases muscular flexibility
• Improves eyesight and relieves from eye stress
• Helps get rid of the toxins from the body

Full Body to Body Massage in Allahabad

Full body massage in Allahabad offered at Naina body spa is working since 5-6 years with expert therapists that had gained proficient degrees in this profession. The spa opens at 11 in the morning till 9 pm. We have the capacity to handle multi hour bookings and unwind the customer’s distress both mentally and physically. Hot oil and steam bath together helps in bringing the lost glow from the body. We also have a spa bundle and four hand massages that will carry the customers body in the state of soundless serenity.

Naina Body Spa has emerged is a Allahabad’s Finest Body Massage SPA based in Allahabad. We are also Covering National Capital Region and surrounding areas. Here at our centre our priority is to Fully Satisfy the Customer with 100% Dedication and loving touch. Our Expert & Trained Female Therapist gives their 100 % to retain each and every individual customer. We belove in Public Relation and thats what we did in past 5 -Five Years. We cover each and Every Massage which is available in India. Our Expertise is into the SPA Beauty Treatment, Skin Care Treatment, Special Massage Services according to the Customer Wish, Summer Body Massage, Winter Body Massage, Spring Season Massage, Full Body Massage for Teenagers, Full Body To Body Massage for Teenagers Boys, Best Full Body To Body Massage for Mens in Allahabad, Body Massage in Allahabad .

Body SPA In Allahabad : Body Spa is a Very Effective tools for Relaxing the Body Stress, Ayruvedic Massage SPA plays important role in Relaxing Body.

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Body scrub is very much popular body cures which helps body to regain its charm. Body scrub helps the human body to reach the proper glow for body. Body scrub also hydrates the skin and makes the skin smooth and soft. A body scrub is done by caustic substance like salt, coffee grounds, rice bran and natural massage oil also. Body scrub must be done on a wet place or room so that it helps to easily remove the scrub using material. There must be a shower facility also to properly remove the scrub component. The first step of body scrub is body wrap, mud wrap or signature treatment of massage parlour. Body scrub helps to polish the body which helps in regain its glow and charm.

Female to male body Massage in Allahabad

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